Craigslist Armoire

Man do I LOVE me a good Craigslist find!! I bet I get on there about 10 times a day looking for things that I can turn into a treasure. I must say this is one of those. A true TREASURE! I love how it turned out! I found this over at www.domestically-speaking.com Oh, I'm jealous I want one!

Craigslist was good to me last week. Look what I scored for only $25!
I’ve been watching Craig for the last month hoping to score one. I wanted an armoire to put in our master bedroom to hide the flat screen hanging on the wall.
Here’s the steps I took:

1st - take off doors, remove drawers and hardware

2nd - sand lightly
3rd - cut the back out of the top section (so our wall mounted TV could slide on in)

4th - prime with Kiltz (what I had in the garage)

5th - give it 2 coats of white paint. My 1st coat I used up my White on White Glidden paint that I received FREE from one of their giveaways. The 2nd coat I went and bought Valspar’s White in Satin (their pre-mixed from Lowes)

6th - spray painted all the hardware with my love, Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB)

7th - Wait impatiently till it’s all dry to reassemble

And here she is….
Look at her! All creamy and white, and shabby, and wonderful, and PERFECT...

Sigh.. Craigslist be kind to me so I may find one too...

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  1. you know what else I would do...amd just a thought. Glaze over the white with a black or dark brown to make those details pop! I love glaze!!!! anyways if you need help on how to do it let me know! I love the blog!!!